Shipping Company
Company believe we have the formula to meet the high expectations of vessels Owners/ Operators/ Charterers.We are active in all Iranian Ports and oil terminals. Our team have excellent experience of handling different types of vessels/cargo such as:
Petroleum Products
Agri Products
Mineral Ores
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Unique Services For Unique Clients
BBL Shipping Company is a well-established company incorporated in Iran and a member of the Iran Shipping Association to provide professional ship agency and shipping services with competitive tariff to the worldwide shipping community
• Transiting all type of cargo from Iranian port to Iraq and central Asia countries Off-shore services.
• Comprehensive legal and advisory services.Bunkering services.Discharging/storing grain at port silos and storage towers.
• Complete agency services for tankers loading/discharging crude oil & petroleum products at Iranian Oil terminals.Complete agency services for LPG, LNG and chemical vessels.Full dry cargo services at all Iranian ports.Oil Storage Tank Leasing at all Iranian ports.
Our Services
At BBL Shipping Company we are always searching for new innovative ways to better serve our clients. We utilize the following performance indicators to evaluate and improve the quality of our services:

• Timeliness
• Reliability
• Accuracy
• Competitiveness
• Responsiveness to customer-specific requirements
We Cannot Direct The  Wind
But We Can Adjust The Sails...
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